Office of Data Collection & Quality Assurance

Nancy Tamariz, Unit Administrator
Office of Data Collection and Quality Assurance
(850) 412-3741

The Office of Data Collection & Quality Assurance (DCQA) currently collects patient discharge data from all licensed acute care hospitals (including psychiatric and comprehensive rehabilitation units), comprehensive rehabilitation hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers and emergency departments.

AHCA collects patient discharge data in accordance with Section 408.061, Florida Statutes and Chapters 59E-7 and 59B-9.

If you have any questions about your data submission, please reference the Agency Patient Data Submission Guide on the left Navigation. This guide is the central source for information on current data collection rules, XML schemas, reporting calendars, forms, audit dictionaries, submission instructions and data element descriptions.

Data Collection Rule Finalized

Data Collection rules 59B-9 and 59E-7 were filed for adoption Nov 27, 2017.

Rule amendments are effective beginning with first quarter 2018 data reporting.  Data reported for 2017 (Q2,Q3,Q4) visits are not affected.

59B-9 Ambulatory and ED Data Collection

  • Additional Off-site ED location codes for hospitals having more than one location.  Code assigned by AHCA.
  • Delete ICD Principal Procedure code element
  • Delete ICD Other Procedure code elements

59E-7 Inpatient Data Collection

  • Comprehensive Rehab Element revenue charge added to report comp rehab charge codes 0118, 0128, 0138, 0148, 0158.  
  • Comp Rehab charges will no longer be reported in the general Room & Board charge element for Type of Service 2.

New Certification forms for AS/ED and PD

  • Require one signature – Executive Officer or Administrator

New Data Types

  • AS10-3 and PD10-4.   Effective Q1 2018 reporting

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