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Home Health Services Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Home Health Services Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Section 409.9132, Florida Statutes (F.S.), directs the Agency for Health Care Administration (Agency) to competitively procure a Vendor to operate an Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Program of home health services provided through the fee-for-service delivery system. The EVV Program must verify the utilization and delivery of home health services (home health visits, private duty nursing, and personal care services) using technology that is effective for identifying the delivery of the service and deterring fraudulent or abusive billing for the service. Also, the EVV Program must provide an electronic billing interface and require the electronic submission of claims for home health services.

The Agency has contracted with Netsmart Technologies (Vendor) to provide EVV of home health services using the AHCA EVV System (Smart Phone Mobile Application, Dashboard, and Claims Portal).

Home health agency providers who render services through the fee-for-service delivery system must register and create an EVV Dashboard profile for their home health agency in the AHCA EVV system to be able to schedule services or submit claims for reimbursement. Providers may create one initial EVV System Administrator account by going to the EVV Registration page.

Fee-for-service home health providers and caregivers are encouraged to visit the AHCA EVV website for training materials: https://mobilecaregiverplus.com/training/. Providers may also request one-on-one technical assistance and training by contacting the AHCA EVV Customer Support Line toll-free at 1-833-AHCA-EVV (1-833-2422-388) or online at netsmartconnect.com. The training materials will cover functionalities of the AHCA EVV system including:

  • How to schedule services using the AHCA EVV Dashboard
  • Checking in and out using the AHCA EVV Smart Phone Mobile Application
  • Billing for services rendered using the AHCA EVV Claims Portal

The AHCA EVV System may allow the use of EVV third-party integration for approved integrative systems. Third-party integration means that home health providers who have an EVV system may continue to use it to capture and send EVV data to the EVV Claims system for billing. Providers who are interested in EVV third-party integration should contact the AHCA EVV Customer Support Line toll-free at 1-833-AHCA-EVV (1-833-2422-388) or online at netsmartconnect.com.