Florida Long-Term Care Partnership Program:
A Public-Private Partnership for Long-term Care Insurance Coverage

Florida’s Long-term Care Partnership Program is a partnership program between Medicaid and private long-term care insurers designed to encourage individuals to purchase private long-term care insurance.  Long-term Care Partnership policies are tax qualified (a portion of premiums paid may be claimed as a tax deduction) under federal law; provide policyholders with inflation protection; and most importantly, provide dollar-for-dollar asset protection in the event the policyholder needs to apply for long-term care Medicaid assistance.   For every dollar that a partnership policy pays out in benefits, a dollar of assets can be protected from Medicaid spend-down requirements.


The authorizing language for the establishment of the Florida Long-term Care Partnership (LTCP) Program by the Agency for Health Care Administration, in consultation with the Office of Insurance Regulation and the Department of Children and Family Services, is located in s. 409.9102, Florida Statutes, and Rule Chapter 69O-157.201 of the Florida Administrative Code.

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Florida Statutes

Chapter 409.9102 Qualified state Long-term Care Insurance Partnership Program in Florida

Chapter 627.94075, Florida Statutes, A qualified state Long-term Care Insurance Partnership Program in Florida

Chapter 627.94076 Time limit on certain defenses

Chapter 627.9403 Scope, Insurance Rates and Contracts

Chapter 627.9407 Disclosure, advertising, and performance standards for long-term care insurance

Chapter 641.2018 Limited coverage for home health care authorized

Florida Administrative Code

Chapter 69O-157.201 Standards For Approved Long-term Care Partnership Program Policies

Chapter 69O-157.1155 Producer Training

Chapter 65A-1.712 SSI-Related Medicaid Resource Eligibility Criteria

Florida Medicaid State Plan Amendment

2.6–A Supplement 8c, Eligibility Conditions and Requirements

Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability (OPPAGA) Report No. 09-08 [106KB]
Increased Public Awareness of the Long-term Care Insurance Partnership Would Contribute to the Program’s Success


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Disclaimer:  References to products, services or other companies does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the State of Florida Agency for Health Care Administration.  Purchase of a partnership policy does not guarantee eligibility for Medicaid.