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Incentive Payments: Eligible Professionals

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Incentive Payments: Eligible Professionals

The Incentive program does not provide additional incentive payments beyond the limits established by legislation, regardless of your EHR system's cost. The purpose of the incentive payments is to encourage the adoption and meaningful use of certified EHR technolgy, not to act as a direct reimbursement. The CMS final rule does not dictate how Medicaid providers must use their EHR incentive.

Eligible professionals (EPs) can receive $63,750 over six years. Pediatricians who qualify with a 20-29% Medicaid patient volume receive two-thirds of the maximum incentive payment, totaling $42,500. Pediatricians who qualify with a 30% Medicaid patient volume can receive the full incentive payment.

Eligible professionals may participate in both the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program and the Medicare's Quality Payment Program (QPP). For more information on the QPP, please visit Quality Payment Program.

Payment by Program Year
Year 1 $21,250
Year 2 $8,500
Year 3 $8,500
Year 4 $8,500
Year 5 $8,500
Year 6 $8,500
Total $63,750