Florida Medicaid Preferred Drug List (PDL)

The Florida Medicaid Preferred Drug List is subject to revision following consideration and recommendations by the Pharmaceutical and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee and the Agency for Health Care Administration.

The Changes Summary Report lists only changes made to the Preferred Drug List as a result of the P&T Committee meeting on June 24, 2022. It does not include changes made between meeting dates. Always refer to the Preferred Drug List document for the most current list of preferred drugs.

Changes Summary Report [137KB PDF] Updated 07/28/2022

The Preferred Drug List was updated from the June 24, 2022 P&T Committee meeting. Open the attached list and use the Adobe Acrobat search tool to locate specific drugs by name or HIC3 therapeutic class. Please read the first page for important additional information.

Preferred Drug List [1.04MB PDF] Updated 8/26/2022

Important information regarding quantity and/or age limits for various drugs may be found at the following link:
Summary of Drug Limitations, 8/31/2022 [922KB PDF]

The Quick Reference Guide for Physician Administered Preferred Drugs below includes preferred products from the June 24, 2022 P&T Committee meeting of physician administered drug billing codes and quantities effective 7/01/2022. Visit the website for the complete list of covered Prescribed Drugs Physician Administered Billing Codes.

Quick Reference Guide [28KB Excel] Updated 7/1/2022

The fee-for-service Fee Schedule Look-Up Tool, located on the Fiscal Agent's website is available to view provider reimbursement rates for HCPCS codes.

Fee Schedule Look-Up Tool