Prepaid Dental Health Plan

Medicaid Health Plan 2012-2015 Contract and Related Information
Prior Medicaid Health Plan Contracts and Related Information

2012-2014 PDHP Medicaid Contract:

Medicaid Prepaid Dental Health Plan Contract:

The Statewide contract was effective as of January 1, 2012. The Miami-Dade County Contract is effective March 1, 2012. The Core Contract is used for both Miami-Dade County and Statewide. The Scope of Services differ for each.

Attachment I - Scope of Services - Miami-Dade County [124 KB, PDF]
Attachment I - Scope of Services - Statewide [210 KB, PDF]
Attachment II - Core Contract [1.05 MB, PDF]
Attachment III - Business Associate Agreement [90 KB, PDF]
Attachment IV - Lobbying [65 KB, PDF]
Attachment V - Debarment Form [8 KB, PDF]

2012-2014 PDHP Templates:

2014 Dental Plan Letters

PDHP Rates:

Statewide Rates Effective 1/2012 [202 KB, PDF]

Prior Contracts:

Medicaid Pre-Paid Dental 2004-2006
Medicaid Pre-Paid Dental 2006-2012