Florida Nursing Home: Fair Rental Value Survey

The Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) is gathering data related to Fair Rental Value (FRV).

Completion of this survey is extremely important because the data you provide will be used in the prospective payment rate calculation.

Please note that the data you provide may be subject to Agency desk review.

Due Date – April 30th for the subsequent rate semester.
This data is needed no later than April 30, 2021 for the October 1, 2021 rate setting.

Follow these steps to complete the Fair Rental Value Survey:

STEP 1 Click here to download a copy of the data the Agency currently has on file for your facility Updated 6/19/2020
Newly compiled FRV Survey to be used for the October 1, 2021 rate setting.
STEP 2 Review the data downloaded
Please choose only one of the submission types listed in Step 3
Approval of Prior Submission
Instructions, Excel Approval Template
Option 1, New Submission, for Providers who have not submitted a survey
Instructions, PDF, Excel
Option 2, Updating a Prior Submission, for Providers who have new projects
Instructions, PDF, Excel
Option 3, Submitting Changes to Previously Submitted Data, for Providers who have changes to data already on file and new projects
Instructions, PDF, Excel


Bed additions - A bed addition involves a project resulting in the addition of licensed beds to the nursing facility.
Bed Replacements - A replacement of beds occurs when new construction is completed, however, instead of increasing the number of licensed beds of the facility, a portion of the existing licensed beds are relocated to the new construction.
Renovations - A renovation/major improvement includes those items capitalized as either building, building improvement, land improvements, equipment, and leasehold improvements that are not associated with the addition or replacement of beds. Renovation/major improvement projects have a total cost equal to or greater than $500 per licensed bed at the time the project was completed. If a renovation/major > improvement project involved construction activities in both the licensed nursing facility and the non-nursing sections of the facility, only those construction costs associated with the licensed nursing facility section of the facility should be included. Documentation must be maintained to demonstrate how construction costs were allocated between Nursing Facility and non-Nursing Facility.
Total Square Footage (Gross Square Footage) – Gross square footage is not just the total dimensions of floor plans for space that is occupied (or able to be occupied) and used for nursing home purposes. It includes common areas, building core, and other areas of the building used for maintenance and operations. The gross square footage is calculated from the outside of the exterior walls. Porches and canopies cannot be included in square footage unless they are fully enclosed and climate controlled.
Square Footage Using for Nursing Services – Square footage used for nursing services is the total dimensions of the floor plans for space dedicated only to providing nursing services. In some cases, the entire facility square footage may be used. If non nursing facility (such as ALF or hospital) services are offered on the premises and share spaces like the kitchen or laundry, square footage should be based on a reasonable allocation statistic.

Errors: If you find that you made errors in your submission, please contact Nursing Homes Reimbursement at AHCA for further assistance (NH.Reimbursement@AHCA.MyFlorida.com).

Follow-up: Staff will review responses as they are received. We will follow-up with providers whose data appears to be incomplete, inconsistent or unclear, using the contact information you provide.

Helpful Resources for Locating Data on Your Facility:
  • Contact the Agency for Health Care Administration for old cost reports that will contain data from previous years’ construction and renovation costs. For assistance, please contact NH.Reimbursement@AHCA.MyFlorida.com.
  • Contact the Property Appraiser’s Office in your county for historical information about past building projects for your facility. Click here for links to each county Property Appraiser’s Office.