Adult Family Care Home

Chequita Byrd, MSW
Manager, Assisted Living Unit
Bureau of Health Facility Regulation
2727 Mahan Drive MS #30
Tallahassee, FL 32308
Florida Relay Service (TDD): (800) 955-8771
Phone: (850) 412-4304
Email: assistedliving@ahca.myflorida.com
To file a complaint against an adult family care home please call: 1-888-419-3456
For complaints concerning Medicaid please call: 1-888-254-1055

The Adult Family Care Home is a residential home designed to provide personal care services to individuals requiring assistance. The provider must live in the home and offers personal services for up to 5 residents.

More detailed program information on adult family care homes can be found at the Department of Elder Affairs' Florida Affordable Assisted Living Website.

Health Facility Reporting System

Health Facility Reporting SystemThe Agency for Health Care Administration (Agency) requires all licensees providing residential or inpatient services to use an Agency approved database for reporting its emergency status, planning or operations. The Agency approved database for reporting this information is the Health Facility Reporting System (HFRS).


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