State Laws and Rules

Florida Statutes, Chapter 400, Part III Home health agency laws

Florida Statues, Chapter 408, Part II   Licensing procedure laws

State Rules - Florida Administrative Code, Chapter 59A-8

State Rules - 59A-35, Florida Administrative Code

Effective July 1, 2014, a home health agency that is not Medicare or Medicaid certified and does not provide skilled care is exempt from the requirement to be accredited in 400.471(2)(h), Florida Statutes. An amendment was passed during the 2014 Florida legislative session in House Bill 1179 to provide this exemption. Governor Scott signed the bill on June 13. The enrolled bill can be viewed at the Florida House website. Here is a direct link to House Bill 1179. See page 2 of the enrolled bill. Any home health agency that gives up its accreditation should copy the AHCA Laboratory and In-Home Services Unit on the letter that they send to the accrediting organization that says the date that their agency will no longer be accredited.  Fax the letter to the AHCA Laboratory and In-Home Services Unit at (850) 410-1511. See slides 4 and 5 of the 2014 Regulatory Update above for more information.