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Determine Unlicensed Activity

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The Agency for Health Care Administration licenses Assisted Living Facilities and Adult Family Care Homes in accordance with Florida Statute Chapters 429 and 408, Part II, and applicable administrative rules. For more information regarding online licensing, visit Health Facility Regulation.

Assisted Living Facilities provide full-time living arrangements in the least restrictive and most home-like setting. Facilities can include individual apartments or rooms that a resident has alone or share with another person. These facilities can also range in size from one resident to several hundred residents.

Adult Family Care Homes provide full-time, family-type living in a private home for up to five elderly persons or adults with a disability, who are not related to the owner. The resident may have their own room or may share with another person. The owner lives in the same house as the residents.

For more information about licensed health care providers, visit Florida Health Finder.

Determine Unlicensed Activity

The Checklist below may be used to assist in determining whether a particular entity is an unlicensed assisted living facility or adult family care home.

Determination CriteriaFacility License Required
Does the Owner Live in the Home?Number of Residents (1)Are any residents receiving optional state supplementation? (2)Provide One or More Personal Care Services to Residents on a 24-Hour Basis (3)Assisted Living Facility (4)Adult Family Care Home (5)No License Required
No1 or moreYes or NoYes  
Yes1 or 2NoYes  
Yes1 or 2YesYes✔*✔* 
Yes3 - 5Yes or NoYes✔*✔* 
Yes6 or moreYes or NoYes  

(1)  Number of Residents do not include family members or relatives per 429.02(19), Florida Statutes

(2)  Optional State Supplementation specifications per 409.212, Florida Statutes

(3)  Personal Care Services include: Supervise or Assistance with Bathing, Dressing, Eating, Toileting, Personal Hygiene, and/or Medications

(4)  Assisted Living Facility License specifications per 429.02(5), Florida Statutes

(5)  Adult Family Care Home License specifications per 429.63(2), 429.65(2), and 429.67(2), Florida Statutes

  *    Provider may choose between an Assisted Living Facility or an Adult Family Care Home

Report Unlicensed Activity

If you suspect unlicensed facility activity, please have the following information to report:

  • Facility address, phone number, and name if available
  • Owner/operator name and phone number if available
  • Description of activity and number of residents (if known) leading to report of suspected unlicensed activity
  • Your contact information (name, address, phone number, and email) for additional information if needed.  If you provide contact information, results of the investigation will be provided.


Please call, mail, or enter your complaint online to:

Agency for Health Care Administration Complaint Hotline

2727 Mahan Drive, Mail Stop #49

Tallahassee, Florida  32308

Phone (Toll Free):  888-419-3456
Health Care Facility Complaint Form

It Is A 3rd Degree Felony To Operate An Unlicensed ALF Per 429.08(1)(A), (B), Florida Statutes; Punishable As Provided In 775.082, 775.083, or 775.084, Florida Statutes

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