COVID-19 Isolation Centers


The battle to contain the spread of COVID-19 is a significant challenge in long-term care facilities. To address this issue, Governor DeSantis has directed the establishment of COVID-19 only isolation centers and units to serve patients in need of long-term care services who have contracted COVID-19. These facilities will help halt the spread of the virus in long-term care settings, allow for the appropriate isolation and recovery of COVID-19 positive patients, and ultimately save lives. As such, the Agency has entered into agreements with certain nursing facilities or portions of nursing facilities to designate them as COVID-19 Isolation Centers.

These Isolation Centers are regional resources for any COVID-19 positive patient requiring nursing facility level of care. The Centers may accept patients with any type of insurance and patients who are uninsured.


COVID-19 Isolation Facilities are required to have a full facility or a designated isolation area that is used exclusively to serve medically stable COVID-19 positive patients who require nursing facility level of care and who lack an appropriate discharge setting while recovering from COVID-19 to COVID-19 Isolation Centers. The Centers may accept patients with any type of insurance and patients who are uninsured.

Hospitals, nursing facilities, and assisted living facilities can request to discharge patients to COVID-19 Isolation Centers. The discharging facility will contact, and work directly with, the isolation facility to coordinate the transfer. The isolation facilities have agreed to serve as a regional resource to receive these patients.

COVID-19 Isolation Centers

As of July 9, 2020, the Agency has agreements with 12 COVID-19 Isolation Centers.

Isolation Facility Map
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