Core Proposal Library

Core Proposal Library Reference Guide v.100 [53KB DOCX]

FX Project Glossary [69KB XLSX]

FX Procurement Strategy [925KB PDF]

FX Governance Plan [1,288KB PDF]

FX Strategic Plan [8,195KB PDF]

Strategic Project Portfolio Management Plan [1,192KB PDF]

FX MITA State-Self Assessment and Update Process [1,861KB PDF]

FX Project Management Standards [1,111KB PDF]

FX Project Management Toolkit [3,940KB PDF]

FX MITA Certification Plan [2,576KB PDF]

MMIS Concept of Operations (ConOps) [3,519KB PDF]

FX Data Management Strategy [2,654KB PDF]

FX Information Architecture Documentation [1,290KB PDF]

FX Data Standards [982KB PDF]

FX Technical Management Strategy [1,323KB PDF]

FX Technical Architecture Documentation [3,392KB PDF]

FX Technology Standards [340KB PDF]

FX Technology Standards Reference Guide (TSRG) [58KB ODS]

FX Design and Implementation Management Standards [849KB PDF]

FX Enterprise Data Security Plan [1,089KB PDF]

FX Technology Standards Reference Model (TSRM) [98KB PDF]


FX Interface Control Document (ICD) Template [331KB PDF]

FX OCM Plan [411KB PDF]

Statewide Medicaid Managed Care (SMMC) Program Style Guide [217KB PDF]

FX Program Style and Writing Guide [2,888KB DOCX]

FX UOC Customer Experience Blueprint Sample [503KB PPTX]

FX UOC Customer Journey Map Format [158KB PDF]

CMS-Required Outcomes for Specific MES Modules - Appendix B [44KB DOCX]

Core MAR and SUR Reports [22KB XLSX]

FMMIS Inbound/Outbound Interfaces [49KB XLSX]

Incumbent Enrollment Broker Vendor Turnover Requirements [334KB PDF]

Incumbent Fiscal Agent Vendor Turnover Requirements [881KB PDF]