Florida Health Finder

On this website you can find information to help you compare the quality and cost performance of hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, health plans, nursing homes, and prescription drugs. The website also lists Florida health care facilities; information on health insurance; medical care resources for the uninsured; resources for seniors; and much more.

The main topic areas to view on the Florida Health Finder website include:

Health Plans: Compare health plans on quality of care, member satisfaction, coverage areas by county, accreditation status, and claims payment performance. You can also compare monthly health plan premium rate options and find additional resources on many health insurance topics.

Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers: View performance and outcome data on selected medical conditions and procedures in these types of health care facilities.

Emergency Room Care: Read educational information about when and how to use an emergency room, what to do in a medical crisis, alternatives to emergency room care and other helpful information.

Prescription Drugs: View comparative prices at Florida pharmacies for the top 100 most prescribed drugs in Florida. You choose the county where you live and a drug you want to price. The website displays the current price for most pharmacies in your county.

For more information about Florida Health Finder, please visit the website at: http://www.floridahealthfinder.gov.

For more information on Florida Medicaid Quality in Managed Care, please contact: