Certified School Match


The purpose of the Medicaid certified school match program is to provide reimbursement for medically necessary services provided by or arranged by a school district for Medicaid-eligible students.

School District Provider Qualifications

School districts that are part of the public education system are eligible to participate in the certified school match program. This includes the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind, which is considered a school district for Medicaid purposes. Also, charter schools and lab schools (also known as developmental research schools) may participate in the program if their contracts with their school districts indicate such. The school district submits Medicaid claims for services provided by or through the charter or lab schools, as done for public schools. Private schools are not eligible to participate in this program. For more information on reports and help aids please visit the reports page.

School District Administrative Claiming

In addition to Medicaid certified school match, school districts are reimbursed for a portion of the administrative costs related to school-based health services and Medicaid outreach activities. For more information on the school district administrative claiming program, please review the following information: