Assistive Care Services

What is Assistive Care?

This service is provided to low-income people who live in Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs), Adult Family Care Homes (AFCHs), and Residential Treatment Facilities. Services are provided to individuals who demonstrate functional limitations and must be based on need as confirmed by an assessment and provided in accordance with an individual care plan for each resident.

What kinds of services are provided?

Assistive care services are similar to services typically provided in residential care facilities to residents who require an integrated set of services on a 24-hour basis. They include assistance with activities of daily living, assistance with instrumental activities of daily living, medication assistance, and health support. The services must be specified in a resident’s individualized care plan.

Who can provide Medicaid Assistive Care Services?

Three types of residences may qualify as Medicaid Assistive Care Service providers: assisted living facilities, mental health residential treatment facilities, and adult family-care homes.