Medicaid Pharmaceutical & Therapeutics Committee

The purpose of the Florida Medicaid Pharmaceutical & Therapeutics (P&T) Committee is to develop and implement a Medicaid preferred drug list (PDL), as mandated, originally, in the 2000 session of the Florida legislature.

Committee Members

Florida Statute 409.91195 requires the appointment of this committee by the Governor.

Schedule of Meetings

Information regarding the next scheduled meetings for the Pharmaceutical & Therapeutics Committee can be found at the Pharmacy Meeting Notices web page.

Florida Medicaid Preferred Drug List

Upon recommendations by the P&T committee, established pursuant to s. 409.91195, the Agency for Health Care Administration (Agency) shall establish the Florida Medicaid Preferred Drug List (PDL).

The Florida Medicaid PDL, shall be a listing of cost-effective, safe and clinically efficient medications for each of the therapeutic classes on the list. 

Providers and recipients can access the PDL to be informed of medications that can be prescribed without requiring prior authorization documentation. However, clinicians retain the option of prescribing drugs not on the PDL, pursuant to s. 409.912(8).