FX Vendor Resource Library

The Agency’s FX program is an ongoing process that involves the preparation of specifications for upcoming contracts. To protect the competitive nature of FX procurements, the Agency will not have any discussions related to the scope, evaluation, or negotiation of any current or future procurement with vendors or their representatives, other than the Agency’s SEAS Vendor, IV&V Vendor, and IS/IP Vendor, who are precluded from bidding on future FX contracts. Procurements are subject to s. 287.057(23), Florida Statutes, between the release of the solicitation and the end of the 72-hour period following the agency posting the notice of intended award.

The FX standards and plans below establish project management and process standardization across the FX Program.
The following templates are used in the FX Program and are companions, as applicable, to some of the standards above.

Change Identification Summary – Version 100
Change Impacts List – Version 100
Change Readiness Criteria – Version 100
Communications Plan – Version 100
Communications-Plan Matrix – Version 100
Leader Interviews – Version 100
Performance Results – Version 100
Project-Schedule – Version 100
Stakeholder Analysis – Version 100
Stakeholder Engagement Plan – Version 100
Stakeholder Heatmap – Version 100
Stakeholder Survey – Version 100
Strategy and Plans – Version 100
Training Plan – Version 100
Training Plan Tools – Version 100
Weekly Status – Version 100
Workforce Transition Plan – Version 100