FX Governance

Florida Health Care Connections (FX) Governance is organized into a two-tiered structure with specific roles and responsibilities delegated to each tier. The first tier consists of the Project Execution Layer, which has three components: FX Implementation Team, the Module Procurement Project Teams (overseen by the FX EPMO), and FX Program Administration. The FX Project Execution Layer has the responsibility for the prioritization of FX procurements, MITA compliance, and tactical support of active FX projects. The second tier consists of the Program Oversight Layer, which includes the FX Executive Steering Committee (FX ESC) with input from FX Program Administration and the Executive Office of the Governor (EOG) Workgroup on Data Sharing and Interoperability. The ESC is comprised of 15 members from multiple State of Florida agencies. More information can be found in the FX Governance Plan (S-1).

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Executive Steering Committee Meetings

Materials from the FX ESC meetings will be posted below. These materials may include presentations, meeting summaries, and other documents used or referenced during the committee meetings. Materials are organized chronologically starting with the most recent event. Select the meeting date below to view associated documents and information.

Current information on FX will be made available on this Website and in public FX ESC meetings. These public meetings will be noticed in the Florida Administrative Register (FAR). You may subscribe to receive FAR notifications when notices are posted.

Note – FX Procurement Integrity Statement: The Agency’s FX program is an ongoing process that involves the preparation of specifications for upcoming contracts. To protect the competitive nature of FX procurements, the Agency will not have any discussions related to the scope, evaluation, or negotiation of any current or future procurement with vendors or their representatives, other than the Agency’s SEAS Vendor, IV&V Vendor and IS/IP Vendor, who are precluded from bidding on future FX contracts. Procurements are subject to s. 287.057(23), Florida Statutes, between the release of the solicitation and the end of the 72-hour period following the agency posting the notice of intended award.