FX Frequently Asked Questions

Florida Health Care Connections (FX) is a multi-year transformation that modernizes the current Medicaid technology using a modular approach, while simultaneously improving overall Agency functionality and building better connections to other data sources and programs.

The objective is described in the FX Vision: To transform Florida’s Medicaid Enterprise to provide the greatest quality, the best experience, and the highest value in health care.

FX will leverage the Medicaid infrastructure to improve overall Agency functionality and build better connections to other data sources and programs. It will include a variety of projects (technology, policy and procedure, and business process analysis) to support the Agency and other Florida state agencies in improving the health care experience for our recipients and providers. This will include access to improved data, tools and processes that will greatly enhance our service to these various customer groups.

FX is a multi-phase, multi-year project. For details regarding FX’s timeline, please see the Roadmap page.

FX is managed by the Agency for Health Care Administration. For details regarding the team’s structure, please see the Organization page.

For information about FX’s history, please see the History page.

Funding is appropriated each year and can be found in the General Appropriations Act released by the Legislature.

Vendors can find information and updates relating to FX on the Vendor Bid System and at the Agency's Executive Steering Committee Meetings.