Health Care Alerts

This service allows subscribers to receive an email alert to notify registered providers or interested parties of health care information.

To subscribe to the automated alert system, complete the online form below. A confirmation email will be sent to your mailbox to avoid fraudulent subscription requests. Subscribers must click on the link “Confirm to list: HQA Alert” in the confirmation email to complete their subscription.

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The Agency for Health Care Administration also releases Medicaid Alerts notifying interested parties about Medicaid information.

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Health Care Provider Information

Managed Care Providers

Health Care Topics

Office of Plans and Construction / Life Safety Information

Under Florida law, email addresses submitted to the Agency are public records. If requested, your email address must be released in response to a public records inquiry. If you do not want to submit your email address for updates, you may contact the appropriate Agency office by phone or in writing. For more information, please read AHCA's privacy policy.


Difficulty subscribing? Questions regarding the Health Care Alerts can be sent to the Health Care Alerts Administrator.