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The Agency for Health Care Administration's Division of Health Quality Assurance is responsible for the licensure and regulation of health care providers. Health care providers are routinely inspected to ensure the provider is operating in compliance with applicable Florida Statutes, Florida Administrative Code and applicable federal regulations, in a manner that protects the health and safety of their residents or patients.

During an inspection Agency surveyors review a sampling of clinical records, policies and procedures, staffing reports and other relevant documents. They also conduct interviews with patients/residents, family members, staff, visitors, and/or volunteers. The Agency may also perform an investigation in response to a complaint.

If a violation of a regulation is found during an inspection or investigation, it is cited as a deficiency on the Statement of Deficiencies.

The two forms used to document deficiencies (violations) found during an inspection or investigation is called the Statement of Deficiencies (Form 2567) for federal regulations and Statement of Deficiencies (Form 3020-0001) for state regulations. These forms document each deficiency and in many cases, the steps the health care provider is taking to correct the deficiencies.

Each regulation is assigned a tag number, followed by a summary of the requirement and details of why this requirement was not met. The prefix of a tag denotes a federal health related regulation from state regulations, and each provider type has a different set of tags.

When a regulation is cited as a deficiency it may also have a classification to indicate the severity of the deficiency. Class is defined differently for different provider types. ��The following is a list of provider types that classify deficiencies and the authorizing statute or rule:

Additionally, nursing home federal deficiencies are given a scope and severity.

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NOTICE: This site provides inspection results. Before penalties for a deficiency are imposed, a licensee has the opportunity to contest Agency findings. The licensee may disagree with the Agency over the facts or law reported in the statement of deficiencies. Information available on this site should be interpreted carefully and used in conjunction with other sources of information. When considering a facility or health care service provider please also view consumer brochures and guides available from the Agency.