Nursing Home Civil Money Penalty (CMP) Reinvestment Projects

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Civil Money Penalties (CMP) are monetary penalties (fines) imposed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) against nursing facilities that have failed to maintain compliance with federal requirements. A portion of these funds are returned to States and may be used for projects supporting activities that benefit nursing facility residents or that protect and improve their quality of life or care. CMP funds may be used for, but not limited to the following:

  • Training
  • Transition preparation
  • Culture change/quality of life
  • Projects that support resident and family councils
  • Resident transition due to facility closure or downsizing

The Agency for Health Care Administration began this project in 2005 in an effort to use federal CMP funds (fines) to support innovative ideas that directly impact quality of care or quality of life of nursing home residents beyond minimum standards. The ideas proposed must be innovative to the facility, the state or to long-term care.

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Approved Projects

Entity Project Award Term
VirtuSense Technologies

The Reducing Falls with AI; Proactive Approach to Mobility Improvement and Fall Prevention project is designed to help improve the mobility level and reduce the risk of falls for nursing home residents. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, called VSTBalance, will allow nursing staff to conduct advanced assessments capable of providing clinicians and residents with real-time feedback on each resident’s musculoskeletal and functional capabilities using a comparison with normative data.

$ 395,640.00 08/01/20-07/31/23
St. Mark Village

The Positive Approach to Care Program (PAC) project is a training initiative designed to assist nursing home staff in engaging and caring for dementia residents. The nursing home staff trained to be PAC certified trainers will learn to teach others the Positive Approach to Care philosophy, basic care skills and care-partnering techniques that will be used to educate direct care staff within the nursing home.

$ 63,700.00 02/20/20-10/31/21
Florida Post Acute Care Clinicians, LLC (Vohra Wound Physicians)

The Florida Wound Care Excellence Program is designed specifically for nurses in skilled nursing facilities to improve the care they deliver, raise their level of education and close the knowledge gap present in wound care provided across the State of Florida. The online nurse education program in wound care was developed in Florida and is the optimal system for raising the standard of nursing care for Florida’s fragile, primarily senior population.

Final Report [337KB, PDF]

$ 175,500.00 05/01/19-04/30/20
Edu-Catering The purpose of this project is to teach and coach nursing home professionals how to replace alarms with better person-centered care practices and give teams more promising practices for reducing falls. $ 90,000.00 04/01/19-03/31/22
Senior Health TNF LLC D/B/A Whispering Oaks

The Recipient requested funds to purchase an electrotherapy system. The purpose of this project is to improve quality of care directly to the residents by reducing pain thus improving overall quality of life. The project will also benefit residents by motivating them to utilize therapeutic services from the rehabilitation department; improving range of motion, preventing muscle atrophy, building strength and increasing tissue growth to heal wounds.

Final Report [86KB, PDF]

$ 5,018.98 04/01/19-09/30/19
University of Louisville

To develop a CMS regional website, inclusive of Florida certified nursing homes; and to create access to Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) and other peer reviewed educational resources, with opportunities for continuing professional education credits.  The focus will be on four professions:  Medicine, Nursing, Social Work, and Nutritionists/Dieticians.     

Quality Improvement Flyer [481KB, PDF]

 $482,753.00 01/01/18 - 12/31/20
Florida Atlantic University

To reduce avoidable hospitalizations in Florida certified nursing homes and educate residents, family members, and nursing home staff. This project will be accomplished by the dissemination and training of the family and resident Decision Guide, "Go to the Hospital or Stay Here?" statewide. The guide will be available in 6 languages.

Final Report [14MB, PDF]

 $119,255.10 10/01/17-
TRECS Institute

To implement a novel telemedicine services into the Florida nursing facility market and evaluate its effectiveness at reducing avoidable nursing home to hospital admissions. This project will provide telemedicine services for 4 nursing homes.

Final Report [1.03MB, PDF]

 $275,000.00 01/11/17-04/18/18
Generativity LLC To provide training programs to improve person centered care and outcomes in nursing homes in Florida. This project will provide DVD trainings to nursing home providers statewide in English and Spanish.

Fianl Report [173KB, PDF]

 $143,776.00 11/21/16-10/31/18
American Medical Directors Association (AMDA)

To improve the quality of care and quality of life for younger adults utilizing long term care (LTC) services by providing advanced training to nursing home staff. This project will provide three trainings that are available to nursing home providers and staff statewide.

Final Report [1.78MB, PDF]

 $517,330.00 08/11/15-08/31/17
Health Services of Palatka

To develop a "Community Courtyard Wellness Enhancement Project" which involves renovation of three existing courtyards and transform them into areas for residents and visitors.

 Final Report [13.7MB, PDF]

 $ 96,172.00 10/08/14-10/07/15
Children's Comprehensive Care Center

To implement an assistive technology program which will improve the quality of life for pediatric residents.    

 Final Report [1.06MB, PDF]

 $ 11,428.21 09/22/14-09/21/15