Exemption from Licensure


Pursuant to 2018 statutory changes, certificates of exemption from licensure as a health care clinic must now be renewed biennially. Certificates issued prior to July 1, 2018 did not bear expiration dates. These certificates have been assigned expiration dates ranging from October 30, 2018 through July 31, 2020. Assigned expiration dates are posted on the Agency’s Facility/Provider Locator page.

Courtesy renewal reminder postcards are currently mailed approximately 120 days prior to expiration. If the certificate holder does not receive the courtesy notice, the certificate holder continues to be legally obligated to timely file the renewal application and fee.

Frequently Asked Questions [25KB, DOCX]


Application for Certificate of Exemption as a Health Care Clinic

Required to be Posted

An entity seeking a certificate of exemption must publish and maintain a schedule of charges for medical services charged to an uninsured person paying for such services by cash, check, credit card, or debit card as described in s. 400.9935 (6), Florida Statutes.

Change of Ownership

The Certificate of Exemption issued to the current exempted entity is valid only for the owner(s) and location for which it was originally issued. To report a transfer of ownership you must apply for a new initial certificate by completing the exemption application and providing all of the required documents, including a copy of the transfer documents.

Address Change

Facilities which hold a Certificate of Exemption are required to request a change of address by submitting a completed Application for Certificate of Exemption as a Health Care Clinic. The application must be received by the Agency 21 to 120 days in advance of the effective date of the change of location. Refer to Rule 59A-35.040 (2)(b)(9), F.A.C.

The applicant must also meet the requirement as indicated in Rule 59A-35.060 (4), F.A.C.

Applications received prior to the change of address but less than 21 days in advance will be subject to a $500 fine. Refer to Rule 59A-35.040 (3), F.A.C.

Other Changes

Any information required to be reported to the agency must be submitted within 21 calendar days from the effective date of the change, as required by s. 408.810 (3), Florida Statutes. Changes must be reported by completing the exemption application form.