Medical / Clinic Director Information

A licensed health care clinic may not operate or be maintained without the day-to-day supervision of a single medical or clinic director.  Failure by a clinic to employ a qualified medical director or clinic director constitutes a ground for emergency suspension of the license by the agency.

You must report a change of medical or clinic director to the agency within 21 calendar days from the effective date of the change, as required by s. 408.810 (3)(a), Florida Statutes.

Section 400.9905(5), Florida Statutes
Section 400.9935, Florida Statutes
Section 400.9915, Florida Statutes
Rule 59A-33.008, Florida Administrative Code
Rule 59A-33.013, Florida Administrative Code

How to Report a Change of a Medical/Clinic Director:

  1. Complete and submit sections 1, 2, 5B, and 12 of the Health Care Clinic Licensing Application
  2. Complete and submit sections 1, 3, and 4 of the Health Care Licensing Application Addendum
  3. Original Health Care Clinic Medical/Clinic Director Attestation Form [30KB, DOC]
  4. A copy of the practitioner’s current, active license issued by the Florida Department of Health.
  5. A copy of the practitioner’s Level 2 background screening results through the Agency for Health Care Administration.
  6. A copy of the new director’s contract or agreement with the health care clinic.
  7. A copy of the previous director’s letter of resignation to the clinic or a copy of the clinic’s letter of termination to the previous director.
  8. A copy of the facility’s current health care clinic license.