Emergency Preparedness Resources

Below are links to resources available to providers, partners and the public to assist with preparing for any emergency.

2021 Hurricane Preparedness and Planning Provider Notifications

The Agency distributes letters to regulated health care providers related to hurricane preparedness and planning for the 2021 season. These notices address modifying plans, if needed, related to COVID-19 risks for residents and others. Links to the 2021 preparedness notices are below:
2021 Preseason Letter, distributed May 7, 2021 [213KB, PDF]
Hurricane Preparedness and Planning Letter, distributed May 19, 2021 [175KB, PDF]
2021 Assisted Living Facility Generator Tips Poster, distributed May 5, 2021 [367KB, PDF]
2021 Nursing Home Generator Tips Poster, distributed May 5, 2021 [725KB, PDF]
2021 Generator Safety Postcard, distributed May 5, 2021 [988KB, PDF]


Emergency Management Planning Criteria

Many licensed health care facilities are required by statute or rule to have an approved comprehensive emergency management plan (CEMP). The plan must include:

  • Risk Assessment and Planning
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Communication Plan
  • Training and Testing

Current CEMP Forms

Emergency Plan Regulations and Review

County Emergency Management Offices

DOH Instructions for Submitting CEMPs [PDF]
DOH instructions for submitting comprehensive emergency management plans (CEMPs) for home home health agency, home medical equipment, hospice and nurse registry providers.


AHCA Emergency Resources

Regulatory Information

Other Emergency Resources

Consumer Emergency Preparedness Information