Bureau of Central Services

Ryan Fitch, Chief
Bureau of Central Services
Division of Health Quality Assurance
Telephone: (850) 412-3951
Fax: (850) 487-6240

The Bureau of Central Services provides service and support to the Bureaus within the Division of Health Quality Assurance. The Bureau is comprised of four units: The Background Screening Unit, The Financial Analysis Unit, The Central Intake Unit, and the Systems Management/Training and Support Unit. These units are responsible for the receipt and distribution of all health care facility applications and associated fees; the background screening of facility owners, administrators, and personnel; the financial analysis of health care facilities; and the data support and training within the Division.

Background Screening Unit

The Background Screening Unit processes screening results for Agency applicants and individuals required to be screened in order to operate a health care facility regulated by the Agency. Processing includes making a determination of eligibility and determining applications for exemption. The Unit is also responsible for the maintenance and administration of the Care Provider Background Screening Clearinghouse.

Financial Analysis Unit

The Financial Analysis Unit provides for the collection and analysis of hospital financial data and utilization statistics. The Unit also reviews and provides analysis of proof of financial ability to operate documents provided by applicants for licensure.

Central Intake Unit

The Central Intake Unit's primary function is to process applications for licensure (changes, initials, renewals, and change of ownership). Processing includes opening and sorting the mail, entering information into the licensure database, scanning the applications, processing the fees associated with the applications, and performing a quality assurance review of the scanned documents before releasing to the Licensure Units for review.

Systems Management Unit/Training and Support

The Systems Management Unit is responsible for the integrity of the Division's licensing and document management systems, oversight of the Emergency Status System, ad hoc reporting for management and for portions of the Divisions dashboard exhibits. The Unit is also tasked with evaluating and streamlining processes and training system users for the Division.