Hospital Financial Data
Florida Hospital Uniform Reporting System (FHURS)

Who is Required to File?

All hospitals licensed under Chapter 395 of the Florida Statutes, except hospitals owned or operated by the State of Florida.

What Is Required?

Hospitals are required to file their Prior Year Actual Report (FHURS) within 120 days after the close of their fiscal year end.  In addition to the FHURS report, a copy of the signed audited financial statements is required.  The auditor's report must contain an opinion. An audit report containing a disclaimer of opinion will  not be considered acceptable.  Any differences between the FHURS report and the audited financial statements must be reconciled and/or explained.

Review Process

The Agency has 90 days to conduct an initial review of the prior year report.  Issues found in the report will be communicated for correction.   The report is deemed accepted when all corrections are made, the report is reconciled to the audited financial statements and Worksheet A has been filed with signatures from both the CEO and CFO.  Once accepted, the Agency will use the data in the report to certify the annual Public Medical Assistance Trust Fund (PMATF) and Hospital Assessments and evaluate the Hospitals initial eligibility to participate in the Health Care Responsibility Act (HCRA).