Certificate of Need Statutes and Related Laws

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Index: Florida Statutes - CON Program

Short title.--Sections 408.031-408.045 shall be known and may be cited as the "Health Facility and Services Development Act."

History.--s. 18, ch. 87-92; s. 15, ch. 92-33; s. 7, ch. 95-144.

Note.--Former s. 381.701.

408.032 Definitions relating to Health Facility and Services Development Act.
--As used in ss. 408.031-408.045
408.033 Local and state health planning.
408.034 Duties and responsibilities of agency; rules.
408.035 Review criteria.
408.036 Projects subject to review.
408.0361 Cardiology services and burn unit licensure
408.037 Application content.
408.038 Fees.
408.039 Review process.
408.040 Conditions and monitoring.
408.041 Certificate of need required; penalties.
408.042 Limitation on transfer.
408.043 Special provisions.
408.0436 Limitation on nursing home certificates of need.
408.044 Injunction.
408.045 Certificate of need; competitive sealed proposals.
408.0455 Rules; pending proceedings.

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