Certificate of Need Statutes and Related Laws

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Index: Florida Statutes - CON Program

Short title.--Sections 408.031-408.045 shall be known and may be cited as the "Health Facility and Services Development Act."

History.--s. 18, ch. 87-92; s. 15, ch. 92-33; s. 7, ch. 95-144.

Note.--Former s. 381.701.

408.032 Definitions relating to Health Facility and Services Development Act.
--As used in ss. 408.031-408.045
408.033 Local and state health planning.
408.034 Duties and responsibilities of agency; rules.
408.035 Review criteria.
408.036 Projects subject to review.
408.037 Application content.
408.038 Fees.
408.039 Review process.
408.040 Conditions and monitoring.
408.041 Certificate of need required; penalties.
408.042 Limitation on transfer.
408.043 Special provisions.
408.044 Injunction.
408.045 Certificate of need; competitive sealed proposals.
408.0455 Rules; pending proceedings.

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