July 1,2021 - June 30,2022 Exemption Requests

Exemption Num.District/ SubdistrictCountyFacilityProject DescProject CostsDecisionDecision Date
E21000211/1MIAMI-DADEHealth Resort Network, LLCDivision of Exemption #E200008 into two components of 176 and 35 beds$49,626,887.00APPROVED8/25/2021
E21000311/1MIAMI-DADEFlorida International Medical Center, LLCCombine 35 beds from Exemption #E210002 with Exemption #E200009 (265 beds) to establish a 300-bed community nursing home$52,902,869.00APPROVED8/27/2021
E21000411/1MIAMI-DADEMercy Center OPCO, LLCAddition of 30 community home beds to establish a 150-bed replacement facility$0.00APPROVED9/21/2021
E2100053/7SUMTERFreedom Pointe Health CenterAddition of 25 community nursing home beds by transfer from Lake Port Square Health Center$0.00APPROVED9/28/2021
E21000611/1MIAMI-DADEAventura Rehab and Nursing CenterEstablish an 86-bed community nursing home replacement facility$19,182,138.00APPROVED9/27/2021
E21000711/1MIAMI-DADEAventura Rehab and Nursing CenterAddition of 21 community nursing home beds to establish a 107-bed replacement facility$4,684,010.00APPROVED9/27/2021
E2200019/4PALM BEACHJoseph L. Morse Health Center, Inc., TheAdd 10 community nursing home beds$0.00APPROVED02/03/2022
E2200029/4PALM BEACHHarbour's EdgeTransfer 16 community nursing home beds from Abbey Delray South to Harbour's Edge$2000.00APPROVED03/10/2022
E22000311/1MIAMI-DADEDOS of Hialeah, Inc.Addition of 30 community nursing home beds to establish a 150-bed replacement facility$375,000.00APPROVED03/22/2022
E2200042JACKSONSunland Center Marianna-Facility IVAddition of 16 ICF/DD beds to Sunland Center Marianna-Facility IV through the transfer of 16 ICF/DD beds from Sunland Center Marianna-Facility II$0.00APPROVED04/21/2022
E2200052MADISONSunrise Community, Inc.Establish a 24-bed ICF/DD comprised of three eight-bed homes$10,500,000.00APPROVED05/06/2022
E2200069/4PALM BEACHFI-Palm Beaches, LLC d/b/a Rehabilitation Center of the Palm Beaches, The Add 10 community nursing home beds$4,625,882.00APPROVED06/17/2022