Letters of Intent February, 2022

LOI No.District/SubdistrictCountyApplicant/FacilityProposed Project
0015/5APASCOGulfside Hospice, Inc.Inpatient hospice facility of up to 28 beds
0028/8ACHARLOTTEFlorida Hospice, LLCHospice Program
0039/9CPALM BEACHAffinity Care of Palm Beach LLCHospice Program
0048/8ACHARLOTTEAffinity Care of Charlotte and De Soto LLCHospice Program
0058/8ACHARLOTTESeasons Hospice & Palliative Care of Brevard County, LLCHospice Program
0068/8ACHARLOTTEVITAS Healthcare Corporation of FloridaHospice Program
0079/9CPALM BEACHCatholic Hospice, Inc.Hospice Program
0089/9CPALM BEACHMed Care Hospice IncHospice Program
0099/9CPALM BEACHSeasons Hospice & Palliative Care of Palm Beach County, LLCHospice Proagram