Letters of Intent October, 2018

LOI No.District/ SubdistrictCountyApplicant/FacilityProposed Project
0013/3PUTNAMCrestwood Nursing Center, Inc./Crestwood Nursing CenterAdd up to 21 community nursing home beds
0023/5CITRUSCitrus Nursing Center, LLC/Citrus Health and Rehabilitation CenterAdd 30 community nursing home beds
0035/2PINELLASSt. Petersburg Nursing & Rehabilitation, LLC/St. Petersburg Nursing & RehabilitationAdd 13 community nursing home beds
0046/1HILLSBOROUGHExcel Facility, Inc./Excel Care CenterAdd 73 community nursing home beds
0056/1HILLSBOROUGHHillsborough County Nursing and Rehab Center, LLC/Hillsborough County Nursing and Rehab Center, LLCEstablish a 73-bed community nursing home
0066/1HILLSBOROUGHPruittHealth - Hillsborough County, LLC/PruittHealth - Hillsborough County, LLCEstablish a 73-bed community nursing home
0077/2ORANGECourtyards Facility, Inc./Courtyards at Orlando Care CenterAdd 51 community nursing home beds
0087/2ORANGEOrlando Lutheran Towers, Inc./Orlando Lutheran Towers, Inc.Establish a community nursing home of up to 75 beds
0096/2MANATEEPresbyterian Retirement Communities, Inc./Westminster Point PleasantAdd 36 community nursing home beds trhough the conversion of 36 sheltered nursing home beds
0107/4SEMINOLEPremier Living Centers, Inc./Premier Living Centers, Inc.Add 17 community nursing home beds
0119/3OKEECHOBEEOkeechobee Healthcare Facility, LLC/Okeechobee Healthcare FacilityAdd five community nursing home beds
01211/1MIAMI-DADEFlorida International Medical Center, LLC/Florida International Medical Center, LLCAdd 45 community nursing home beds
01311/1MIAMI-DADEFlorida Medical Systems, LLC/Florida Medical Systems, LLCEstablish a 45-bed community nursing home
01411/1MIAMI-DADEPalmetto Facility, Inc./Palmetto Care CenterAdd 45 community nursing home beds
0159/BMARTINChapters Health Hospice - 9B, Inc./Chapters Health Hospice - 9B, Inc.Establish a hospice program
0169/BMARTINCornerstone Hospice & Palliative Care, Inc./Cornerstone Hospice & Palliative Care, Inc.Establish a hospice program
0179/BMARTINHospice of Palm Beach County, Inc./Hospice of Palm Peach County, Inc.Establish a hospice program
0189/BMARTINMartin Memorial Medical Center, Inc./Martin Memorial Medical Center, Inc.Establish a hospice program
0199/BMARTINSeasons Hospice & Palliative Care of the Treasure Coast, LLC/Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care of the Treasure Coast, LLCEstablish a hospice program
0209/BMARTINSt. Lucie Hospice Care, LLC/St. Lucie Hospice Care, LLCEstablish a hospice program
0219/BMARTINTidewell Hospice, Inc./Tidewell Hospice, Inc.Establish a hospice program
0229/BMARTINVITAS Healthcare Corporation of Florida/VITAS Healthcare Corporation of FloridaEstabilsh a hospice program
0239/BMARTINVisiting Nurse Association of Florida, Inc./Visiting Nurse Association of Florida, Inc.Establish a hospice program
0243/CCITRUSHernando-Pasco Hospice, Inc./HPH HospiceEstablish an inpatient hospice facility of up to eight beds
02511/CMIAMI-DADEVITAS Healthcare Corporation of Florida/VITAS Healthcare Corporation of FloridaEstablish an inpatient hospice facility of up to 16 beds
0266/HARDEESunrise Community, Inc./Sunrise Community, Inc.Establish a 24-bed ICF-DD
0275/SA3PINELLASLargo Medical Center, Inc./Largo Medical CenterEstablish an adult heart transplantation program
02810/SA4BROWARDCleveland Clinic Florida Health System Nonprofit Corporation/Cleveland Clinic HospitalEstablish an adult bone marrow transplantation program
02911/1MIAMI-DADEHealth Resort Network, LLC/Health Resort Network, LLCEstablish a new 45-bed community nursing home
03011/1MIAMI-DADEMiami Dade SNF, LLC/Miami Dade SNF, LLCAdd 45 community nursing home beds