Letters of Intent April, 2017

LOI No.District/ SubdistrictCountyApplicant/FacilityProposed Project
0017/SA3ORANGEAdventist Health System/Sunbelt, Inc./Florida HospitalEstablish a pediatric liver transplantation program
00211/SA4MIAMI-DADEBaptist Hospital of Miami, Inc./Baptist Hospital of MiamiEstablish an adult autologous and allogeneic bone marrow transplantation program
00311/SA4MIAMI-DADEVariety Children's Hospital/Nicklaus Children's HospitalEstablish a pediatric heart transplantation program
00411/MIAMI-DADEVITAS Healthcare Corporation of Florida/VITAS Healthcare Corporation of FloridaEstabilsh a new freestanding inpatient hospice facility of up to 16 beds
0057/SA3ORANGEThe Nemours Foundation/Nemours Children's HospitalEstablish a pediatric liver transplantation program
00611/MIAMI-DADEComprehensive Home Health Care, Inc./OpusCare of South FloridaEstablish a new 13-bed freestanding inpatient hospice facility