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Welcome to the new AHCA Connections! This e-newsletter serves as a window into what’s happening at the Agency for Health Care Administration (Agency) with articles highlighting important news, updates and how we are championing high-quality, cost-effective, transparent health care for the citizens of Florida.

The Agency's mission has been, and continues to be, Better Heath Care for all Floridians. Sounds good, but what does that mean?

Our Agency leadership team is focused in on three key priorities that improve the delivery of health care in Florida. Health care delivery should be: 

  • High-Quality
  • Transparent
  • Cost-Effective

As the entity responsible for both managing the state's Medicaid program and regulating safety and quality within health care facilities, the Agency is tasked with executing a bold vision to make Florida’s health care system the most transparent, most affordable, and highest quality in the nation. This includes making key investments in enhanced mental health services to Florida Medicaid members, extending Medicaid coverage to new mothers and implementing technology to support data integration among state health care agencies.

There is much work to be done, and we have promising opportunities to come together with our community and health care partners to prioritize improving patient care and health outcomes, while driving reforms that reduce healthcare’s burden on our state budget and economy.

I am inspired by all the new and innovative ways #TeamAHCA is collaborating and interacting with our stakeholders to tackle complex challenges in health care. We are certainly working to pave the way to a healthier Florida, and I look forward to sharing our accomplishments with you! 


Reducing Hospital Readmissions Using the Encounter Notification Service

Did you know that five percent of Americans consume 50 percent of healthcare costs? As a provider, how do you know when complex patients are hospitalized? Through the Encounter Notification Service (ENS®), of course! 

Florida Health Information Exchange (HIE) Services are transforming health care in Florida using health information technology. Governed by the Agency for Health Care Administration (Agency), HIE electronically makes patient health information available to doctors, nurses, hospitals and health care organizations when needed for patient care. 

The Encounter Notification Service (ENS®) provides subscribers with timely notifications about their patients’ health encounters. ENS® receives admit, discharge or transfer data from over 400 connected health care facilities in Florida, including hospitals, post-acute, behavioral health centers and more. This information is matched to patient lists provided by subscribers. When one of the listed patients receives care at a participating facility, subscribers get an alert containing details about that patient’s encounter. 

Features of ENS®

  • Improve care coordination
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Deliver care more efficiently and effectively
  • Optimize post-discharge care
  • Increase compliance

Learn more about ENS and how it can benefit your health care organization by visiting


Prepare to Protect: National Preparedness Month

National Preparedness Month is recognized each September to promote family and community disaster and emergency planning now and throughout the year. It’s an opportunity to remind us that we all must prepare ourselves and our families for when an emergency occurs. The goal of National Preparedness Month is to increase the overall number of individuals, families and communities engaging in preparation and planning at home, work, school, business and places of worship.

As citizens of a state that has seen its share of significant hurricanes and storm activity in recent years, the Agency is committed to ensuring the safety and security of all Floridians, especially our most vulnerable citizens residing in health care facilities, including nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

The Agency launched an updated Generator Status dashboard. This platform is hosted on AHCA’s website and focuses on the availability of onsite generators and full generator compliance. The dashboard provides information about emergency power plan compliance, onsite visits by Agency surveyors and offers an interactive map allowing users to click on a specific county to review generator status per facility. This is just one of the many ways the Agency is protecting residents in long-term care facilities. To learn more, visit

The current public health crisis, recent Hurricane Ida and wildfires in the Pacific Northwest demonstrate the importance of preparing for disasters. The Agency for Health Care Administration (Agency) encourages all Floridians to take advantage of resources provided by the Florida Department of Emergency Management (DEM) to build your preparedness plan today.

Preparing for disasters and emergencies protects everyone. Be smart. Be prepared. Be ready!


Know Before You Go

Find Easy Access to Health Care Information

Many older adults share a common concern: "How can I trust the health information I find online?" With thousands of medical websites available on the Internet, choosing which ones to trust is an essential step in gathering reliable health care information. The Agency for Health Care Administration (Agency) has a solution you can count on for dependable health information. 


As champions for better health care for all Floridians, the Agency is responsible for administering the state Medicaid program and licensure and regulation for more than 45,000 health care facilities in Florida. We also provide information about the quality of care you receive at those facilities. 


Our award-winning website,, offers easy access to information on everything from medical procedure prices to health care education resources. In addition, you can compare quality metrics, learn about special programs and gather information on health services offered by facilities throughout the state. So, whether you are looking for an assisted living facility or a hospital near your neighborhood, information is just a few clicks away.


Locate a Facility

Looking for a nursing home, assisted living facility or hospital? Our locator tool provides licensure information on 34 different provider types. Depending on the type of facility you are searching for, you can find information about types of services, Agency inspection reports, emergency power plans, driving directions and more.


Compare Quality

Choosing a hospital or ambulatory surgery center can be complicated. However, knowing just a few things about the quality of care provided can help make your decision easier. The quality compare tool provides health outcome information for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers for over 150 conditions and procedures. Available data includes the total number of procedures performed at a facility, the outcomes, health infection rates and other important facts.


Find Price Estimates

The price tool links to our health care pricing website, There you can see price estimates by facility, county, state, and national levels for 295 frequently searched care bundles representing a patient's typical care experience. Having this information can be extremely helpful when planning for any out-of-pocket expenses and making more informed decisions related to quality and price.


Overall, is an interactive "one-stop-shop" web portal. It allows consumers to look up diseases, health conditions or procedures, and find definitions, symptoms, tests, surgeries, and more. It also provides valuable health education information from the Medical Encyclopedia to the wellness checker. The Medical Encyclopedia is most helpful in learning about practitioner-ordered tests or easy-to-understand medical terms. At the same time, the wellness checker offers quick and practical tools to learn more about living a healthier lifestyle. 


Additionally, our consumer guides can provide more precise expectations before, during, and after a medical procedure or hospital stay. This type of information is beneficial when considering a move into an assisted living facility or needing rehabilitation services after an operation.

 Having the correct information when you need it promotes an enhanced patient experience and encourages consumer choice. Visit today to "know before you go." 


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