Agency Communications to SMMC Plans


Annual PIP Submission PT 18-15 7/17/2018
New Statewide Essential Provider: Wolfson Children’s Hospital PT 18-14 7/17/2018
Notice of Adverse Benefit Determination and Notice of Plan Appeal Resolution: Revised Templates Effective July 24, 2018 PT 18-13 6/21/2018
Child Health Check-Up (CMS-416) Report Template Revised For Report Submission Due July 1, 2018 PT 18-12 6/8/2018
New and Revised Financial Reporting Requirements PT 18-11 4/2/2018
Revised MMA Physician Incentive Program (MPIP) Guidance PT 18-10 3/16/2018
Ad Hoc Request for MMA Physician Incentive Program (MPIP) Qualified Provider Data PT 18-09 2/28/2018
Revised Long-term Care (LTC) Reporting Requirements PT 18-08 2/27/2018
Drug Rebates PT 18-07 2/22/2018
Performance Measure Action Plans (PMAP) PT 18-06 2/16/2018
Ad Hoc Request for MMA Physician Incentive Program (MPIP) Data for Year One, Quarters Three and Four PT 18-05 2/9/2018
Performance Measure Specifications for July 1, 2018 Reporting PT 18-04 2/1/2018
Revised Requirements for Performance Measures, Quality Improvement Plan, Enrollee Satisfaction Survey, and Provider Satisfaction Survey for July 1, 2018 Reporting Period PT 18-03 1/26/2018
Update to the CMS-416/CHCUP Report Liquidated Damages Methodology PT 18-02 1/23/2018
Claims Aging Report Changed To Monthly PT 18-01 1/12/2018
Institution for Mental Diseases (IMD) Reimbursement Clarification and Ad Hoc Data Request CI 18-01 1/11/2018

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