MMA Physician Incentive Program

As part of the SMMC authorizing statute, provisions were put in place to require plans to increase compensation for physicians, using funds achieved through savings from effective care management.

The Agency has designed the MMA Physician Incentive Program with the expectation that health plans should be able to fund higher physician reimbursement out of managed care savings, as specified by section 409.967(2) (a), F.S.

Beginning October 1, 2016, Board Certified Pediatricians and Board Certified OB/GYNs that meet specified criteria and/or access and quality measures will be eligible for enhanced payments that are equivalent to Medicare rates for specific services.

Health Plan Physician Incentive Program Summary [262KB] Revised 8/29/2016

Health Plan Contacts for Providers [72KB] Information as of 2/27/2017

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Pediatrician: How do I qualify?

Obstetrician: How do I qualify?

What services are included?

Qualified Providers

What region am I in?

The Statewide Medicaid Managed Care program operates in 11 distinct regions.  The Agency selected plans to provide services in each region.  Please click the link above to determine what region you are located. 

What plans are in my region?

The Agency selected plans to participate in the SMMC program on a regional basis.  To determine the regions that operate in your region please click on the link above.

How do I join a plan in my region?

If you are interested in contracting with the plans in your region, please click the link above for plan provider relation contact information.

Patient Centered Medical Home Resource Information

Many of the MMA plans have chosen to use certification as a Patient Centered Medical Home as a qualification for the Physician Incentive Program.

How do I enroll as a provider with Medicaid?

If you are not enrolled as a provider in the Medicaid program, but are interested in enrolling, please click on the link above.