Program Information

Guidance Statements and Additional Information

(In Alphabetical Order)

Title Date
Aging Network Service Providers  [47KB PDF] May 17, 2012
Continuity of Care Requirements [112KB PDF] April 18, 2014
Contracting Required Pursuant to Section 409.975(1)(d)  [38KB PDF] September 11, 2012
Documentation Accepted for Plan Provider Networks [63KB PDF] June 21, 2012
Durable Medical Equipment Contracts in the Managed Medical Assistance Program [47KB PDF] March 28, 2014
April 1, 2014
Enrollment in Medicare Advantage plans that are not subject to competitive procurement [44KB PDF] February 10, 2012
HMO Certificate of Authority [44KB PDF] January 18, 2012
Integrated Dual Eligible Plans [45KB PDF] August 9, 2013
Letter to Consumable Medical Supplies Providers [43KB PDF] October 3, 2013
Letter to Nursing Facilities [86KB PDF] July 22, 2013
Long-term Care Managed Care Program Application Process for Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans [63K PDF] September 10, 2012
LTC Plan Enrollee Survey [72KB PDF] February 18, 2014
Participation of Provider Service Networks in the LTC Component of the SMMC program [46KB PDF] May 30, 2012
Provision of Case Management Services [52KB PDF] April 4, 2012
Provision of medical care services to Long-term Care plan enrollees after full program implementation [47KB PDF] February 10, 2012
Reimbursement for Transportation Services [52KB PDF] April 4, 2012
Related to the March 16, 2012, Version of the Long-term Care Managed Care Data Book [66KB PDF] April 26, 2012
Related to Upcoming Public Meeting to Address Questions Regarding the Long-term Care Data Book Released on March 16, 2012 [64KB PDF] May 30, 2012
Respondents to Statewide Medicaid Managed Care Long-term Care (LTC) Invitations to Negotiate [165KB PDF] August 31, 2012
Respondents to Statewide Medicaid Managed Care Managed Medical Assistance (MMA) Invitations to Negotiate [95KB PDF] April 3, 2012
Specialty Plans [52KB PDF] September 28, 2012
Updated Guidance Statement: Participation of Medicare Advantage SNP plans in the SMMC LTC Component [46KB PDF] June 8, 2012
409.975(1)(d) Provider Listing [1.49MB MS Excel]
August 16, 2012