Managed Medical Assistance Story #2

An elderly Spanish-speaking Community Care plan member, with diagnoses of cancer and hypertension, was discharged from a hospital. The plan’s Health Nurse immediately began setting the member up for appointments with her physician and oncologist and arranged for home health services. The plan’s Health Care Manager explained the authorization process to the member and reassured her and her family that she would work with them to meet their needs.

The Health Nurse also explained the importance of proper nutrition and let the member know that the plan could provide ten home delivered meals through Meals on Wheels. This was arranged for the next morning with a Spanish-speaking delivery person. Meals on Wheels went one step further. In talking with enrollee, the delivery person learned that she needed incontinence supplies that her family had been purchasing but which were very expensive. They provided her a resource to obtain these for free. The family was very happy with all of the assistance that the plan had provided their mother.