Long-term Care Story #2

An elderly Coventry plan member started her professional skating career later in life and was the oldest and one of the best skaters on her team. Her team members were all half her age but her athletic agility rivaled even the youngest contenders. When she tells her story, she tells it with vivid detail. She loved sports and was very competitive. She maintained this spirit well into her senior years, still participating on a leisure level in skating, swimming, tennis, and racquetball. “I loved every minute of it. I took great pleasure in beating my opponents,” she once told her case manager during a conversation.

The member was residing in a skilled nursing facility when she and her case manager met. She was there for rehabilitation and then stayed for long-term care. Because she was doing so well in the nursing facility, possibly residuals of her athleticism from past years, she chose to move into an assisted living facility for greater freedom and independence. After living in the facility for one year and being moved from room to room by no choice of her own, the member was temporarily placed in the locked memory care unit of the assisted living facility because of her increased confusion.

While visiting with her one day, the member told her case manager that the other residents living around her made her nervous and scared. She described how they roamed around at night in and out of her room. The case manager explained that she had a choice of where she wanted to live, and the member decided she wished to move immediately.

The case manager assisted her with her move to her new home by coordinating and arranging her transportation her and her personal belongings. At this new assisted living facility, she moved into a spacious ‘room-with-a-view.’ On subsequent visits, the member told her case manager how grateful she was for the assistance. She stated, “Whenever you come, you always make it right for me. When things aren't how they should be, you come along and fix it. You always do. Thank you so much.” It’s been nearly one year since the move, and she is actively participating in many of the facility’s planned activities and navigates her way around the facility engaging and interacting with other residents and staff. She says she is very happy now.