Long-term Care Story #1

An elderly Amerigroup member who primarily speaks Creole was living in a nursing facility. He developed a bond with his Amerigroup case manager, and during one of their discussions, the member told his case manager that he would like to live in a setting where there were more people who spoke Creole. He only had one friend at his current facility that spoke Creole and he rarely saw this friend because he was in a different unit.

The member’s case manager immediately went to work to accommodate the member’s wish. She had the member fully evaluated and confirmed that he could be transitioned. She then found an assisted living facility where both staff and residents spoke Creole. She engaged the member’s family and coordinated transition to the member’s new home. The transition went smoothly, and everything was in place when the member moved, including his medication, durable medical equipment and doctor’s orders for staff support.

After the move, the member’s brother reported that this was the best thing that could have happened for the member. The member and his new Creole-speaking roommate talk all night and even choose to eat together in their room, rather than in the dining hall. The two are reportedly talking, laughing, and happy together. The member’s brother reported that he has heard sounds of joy out of his brother that he hasn’t heard in over two years.