Rules in Process

The following rules are currently in the rule promulgation process. Draft Florida Medicaid rule reference materials, if available, are provided for the public to access during the rule promulgation process. These documents are not final until they are adopted into rule. A sample agenda for all rule development workshops and proposed rule hearings is available here.

To access the rule history and notices published in the Florida Administrative Register (FAR), click on the rule name below. Reference materials that are not available on the FAR are listed by rule phase in PDF format below.

Official comments to be entered into the rule record following the publication of a Notice of Rule Development or Notice of Proposed Rule may be e-mailed to For general inquiries and questions about the rule, please contact the person specified in the rule notice published in the FAR. 

Rule Number Rule Name Rule Development Proposed Rule Notice of Change (NOC)
59G-4.028 Behavioral Health Assessment Services Draft Policy    
59G-4.031 Behavioral Health Community Support and Rehabilitation Services Draft Policy    
59G-4.050 Behavioral Health Therapy Services Draft Policy Development    
59G-4.052 Behavioral Health Therapy Services Draft Policy    
59G-4.040 Chiropractic Services Draft Policy    
59G-4.060 Dental Services Draft Policy Draft Policy  
59G-8.600 Disenrollment from Managed Care Plans FAR Notice Only    
59G-6.031 Enhanced Ambulatory Patient Grouping Reimbursement Methodology for Hospital Outpatient
Services and Ambulatory Surgical Centers
FAR Notice Only    
59G-1.060 Enrollment Policy Draft Policy Development*    
59G-4.035 Medicaid Certified School Match Program Draft Policy    
59G-4.058 Medicaid County Health Department Certified Match Program Draft Policy    
59G-1.100 Medicaid Fair Hearings FAR Notice Only FAR Notice Only  
59G-7.003 Medicaid Third Party Liability Responsibility and Notices FAR Notice Only    
59G-4.029 Medication Assisted Treatment Services Draft Policy    
59G-4.201 Neurology Services Draft Policy    
59G-4.330 Non-Emergency Transportation Services Draft Policy    
59G-4.160 Outpatient Hosptial Services Draft Policy    
59G-1.065 Provider Claims Reimbursement Draft Policy Development*    
59G-4.240 Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Services Draft Policy    
59G-6.005 Reimbursement Methodology for Services Provided by Medical School Faculty FAR Notice Only    
59G-4.322 Respiratory Therapy Services Draft Policy Development Draft Policy  
59G-4.199 Targeted Case Management (TCM) Services Draft Policy Development    
59G-1.052 Third-Party Liability Requirements FAR Notice Only FAR Notice Only  
59G-4.360 Transplant Services Draft Policy    

*Policy Draft is not available.

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