Medical Care Advisory Committee

Federal regulations require each state Medicaid Program to establish a committee to serve in an advisory capacity on health and medical care issues.  According to 42CFR431.12 [PDF 28KB], this committee must include the following:

The committee may be asked to provide the Agency with advice on improving Medicaid recipients’ access to specialists, and enhancing our communication with Medicaid recipients.  Members may also be asked to review and provide input on a variety of Medicaid materials, and to make recommendations to the Agency about Medicaid policies, rules and procedures.

1115 Research and Demonstration Waiver Extension Request

Statewide Medicaid Managed Care Program

List of Commitee Members 2017 [18KB PDF]

List of Subcommittee Members March 2017 [15KB PDF]

Medical Care Advisory Committee Bylaws Amended, August 24, 2016 [23KB PDF]

State Plan for Medicaid Care Advisory Committee [23KB PDF]

Medical Care Advisory Committee Meeting Information

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