Developmental Disabilities Individual Budgeting (iBudget) Waiver


The purpose of the Medicaid iBudget Waiver is to provide home and community-based supports and services to eligible persons with developmental disabilities living at home or in a home-like setting, utilize an individual budgeting approach, and provide enhanced opportunities for self-determination.  The iBudget Waiver is designed to promote and maintain the health of eligible individuals with developmental disabilities, to provide medically necessary supports and services to delay or prevent institutionalization, and to foster the principles and appreciation of self-determination.

iBudget Waiver Amendment

The Agency for Health Care Administration (Agency) is announcing the start of a 30-day public notice and comment period.  The Agency is seeking to amend the Developmental Disabilities Individual Budgeting Waiver (FL.0867), which operates under the authority of Section 1915(c) of the Social Security Act.  The 30-day public notice and comment period will be held from September 1, 2017 through September 30, 2017, prior to the submission of the amendment request to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

The Agency is requesting this amendment to:

When providing comments, please include “iBudget Waiver Amendment” in the subject line:

iBudget Amendment Request [2.1MB PDF]

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the iBudget Waiver the applicant must:

Covered Services

Waiver services include:

How to Apply

For information on how to apply for the iBudget Waiver, contact the Agency for Persons with Disabilities by phone, toll-free at 1-866-273-2273, or by mail at: Agency for Persons with Disabilities, 4030 Esplanade Way, Suite 380 Tallahassee, FL 32399-0950.