Medicaid Mental Health Research Services

Contractor: USF, Florida Mental Health Institute (FMHI)

Agency Contract Number: Multiple Contracts

The initial contractual work between the Louis de la Parte Mental Health Institute (FMHI) and the Agency focused on evaluating the implementation of managed mental health care.  Subsequent years have included new, wide-ranging areas of research including:  child welfare, out-of-home care for children and youth, services in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, nursing home diversion programs, pharmacy, recovery-oriented mental health services, consumer satisfaction, performance measures, methadone maintenance, adolescent depression and obesity, services to forensic populations, Baker Act, substance abuse, Specialty Plan Study, and Serious Mental Issues Study.

Each year, the new contract focuses on areas of study and projects that were negotiated between the Agency and the Institute.

Reports are available at USF / FMHI’s website at the following address: