Medicaid Research Projects

Contractor: UF, College of Health Professions or UF, FCMU?

Agency Contract Number: Multiple Contracts

Contractual services include a series of research projects which will build the knowledge base regarding Medicaid and various health issues.

Re: MED054 - 1/15/14 – All deliverables have been copied to our shared drive.  Barbara will determine which ones we want to post.  Per Rachel, do not post AMI or Integrated Therapies Disease Management Evaluation. Is working with Jhikecia on a crosswalk.  Deliverables below are for MED014.

*Note: I found this document in the MED054 information for the old site. Florida Medicaid Adult Enrollee Satisfaction: A Chartbook Comparing Managed Care Arrangements and Fee-for-Service for State FY 2006-07

Key Deliverables
Deliverable / Activity Name Date
FL Medicaid Adult Enrollee Satisfaction 2005
FL Medicaid Adult Enrollee Satisfaction 2006
Patient Assessments of Care & Utilization in Medicaid Managed Care September 2006
Use of Preventive Health Services among Female Medicaid Beneficiaries with & without Physical Disabilities September 2006
Early Receipt of Preventive Dental Services & Relationship to Subsequent Restorative and Diagnostic Treatment for Dental Caries. September 2006
Development of a Program to Improve the Management of Medicaid Recipients with Sickle Cell Disease in Florida September 2006
Predictors of Psychoactive Medication Use by Persons on the MRDD Home and Community Based Waiver September 2006
Depression in Adolescence September 2006
Utilization & Safety of Central Nervous System Stimulants in Children & Adolescents with ADHD in Florida Medicaid Beneficiaries 1995-2004 September 2006