Mental Health - Infant, Family and Children

Contractor:  Florida State University Center for Prevention and Early Intervention Policy

Agency Contract Number:  MED110 (formerly M0423)

Current Contract Period:  February 1, 2007 through January 31, 2010

Brief Description of Goals of Contract:

Infant Mental Health Initiative Overview:

IMH interventions have resulted in positive effects for both the parent and the child.  This continuation project will enable the FSU Center to continue to provide leadership for IMH research, policy, and professional development throughout the state.  The Center will expand professional development opportunities to additional geographic locations in the state and to additional audiences to build capacity and competencies of frontline caregivers, skilled interventionists and licensed therapists.  Through these professional development activities, the FSU Center will disseminate current resources and evidence-based practices and will work with the child welfare system to improve their assessment process, inform them in the latest diagnostic techniques, and help utilize evidence based practices in their system of care.  The FSU Center will continue to conduct pilot projects and to evaluate programs to further determine best practices and is highly committed to infusing evidence-based practices within multiple systems that serve Medicaid eligible children---in both daily practices and well as policies and procedures.

Child and Family Health within Early Childhood Settings

Initiatives involved in this project aim to improve the staff performance in early care and education settings by designing activities that help develop and enhance health and resiliency in young children.  These activities support improved developmental, physical and mental health outcomes. These initiatives will be implemented in early childhood settings throughout the state, in local communities, or at individual sites.  A continuous quality improvement model will be used to determine current status and define specific action steps for enhancing overall quality, increasing awareness of child health and developmental issues, and addressing complex physical health and mental health needs of Medicaid-eligible families.  Through mentoring, professional development, ongoing consultation and technical assistance, project initiatives will promote positive outcomes related to the health and wellness of those served by the early childhood programs that enroll Medicaid-eligible children.  The FSU Center will continue to advocate, disseminate information, provide professional development activities, and propose policy considerations and strategies for implementation to ensure improved services for Medicaid eligible children in early childhood settings. 

Agency Contact: Bruce Congleton