Evaluation of MEDS-AD Program

Contractor: UF

Agency Contract Number: MED083

The stated objectives of the MEDS-AD program were to prevent premature admission to an institution by maintaining care in the community with access to appropriate health care services for vulnerable populations, and to implement pharmacy case management for reducing adverse drug reactions and unnecessary drug utilization.  The MEDS-AD program operates under a Federal waiver that requires the program to be cost-neutral and incorporate innovative service concepts.

The MEDS-AD evaluation shall assess the impact of the MEDS-AD program on health outcomes of participants, service use and the delivery of care by providers.  In addition, the evaluation shall provide short term information for the purpose of monitoring program performance; directing quality improvement initiatives; and introducing program modifications.

Key Deliverables
Deliverable / Activity Name Due Date
Final Evaluation Report on the MEDS-AD Project 2006-2010