Florida Medicaid’s Covered Services and HCBS Waivers

Project AIDS Care (PAC)

The purpose of the Project AIDS Care Waiver program is to maintain and promote the health and functioning of individuals diagnosed with AIDS and to prevent hospitalization or institutionalization. The goal of the program is to enable recipients to choose and receive services in their home or in the community.

Medicaid reimburses for the following waiver services:

The Project AIDS Care Waiver program is a fee-for-service program and is not offered by health plans serving Medicaid enrollees.


Medicaid recipients who meet the following criteria are eligible to enroll in the Project AIDS Care Waiver Services program:


Medicaid reimburses fee-for service providers in accordance with the service specific fee schedule or provider rate table.

There is no co-payment for Project AIDS Care Waiver Services.

Resource Information

The Florida Medicaid Project AIDS Care Waiver Services handbook, coverage policies, and fee schedules are available on the Florida Medicaid Web Portal.  Select "Provider Services”, then under "Provider Support" select “Provider Handbooks”, or “Provider Fee Schedules”.