Florida Medicaid Reform

Federal and State Correspondence after Extension Request Submission

January 11, 2011, Response to CMS – Request for Additional Information

List of Attachments [PDF 12KB]

Attachment I - Agendas for the Technical & Operational Conference Calls [PDF 919KB]

Attachment II - Example of HMO and FFS PSN Benefit Package [PDF 82KB]

Attachment III - Summary of Benefit Packages [PDF 318KB]

Attachment IV - Provider Credentialing and Recredentialing [PDF 66KB]

Attachment V - Physician Credentialing and Recredentialing File Review [PDF 111KB]

Attachment VI - Provider Network Worksheet [PDF 74KB]

Attachment VII - Provider Network Review Summary Worksheet [PDF 35KB]

Attachment VIII - Provider Subcontract Review Worksheet [PDF 87KB]

Attachment IX - Provider Subcontractual Relationships and Delegation [PDF 100KB]

Attachment X - Provider Access and Availability [PDF 198KB]

Attachment XI - Actuarial Equivalence and Sufficiency Model by Mercer (5/25/2006) [PDF 2.13MB]

Attachment XII - Summary of Health Plan Transition Process [PDF 25KB]

Attachment XIII - Contract Language Related to Health Plan Transitions [PDF 25KB]

Attachment XIV - Contract Language Related to Health Plan Web Site Requirements [PDF 23KB]

Attachment XV - CMS-416 Report for FFY 2006 [PDF 270KB]

Attachment XVI - CMS-416 Report for FFY 2007 [PDF 212KB]

Attachment XVII - CMS-416 Report for FFY 2008 [PDF 743KB]

Attachment XVIII - CMS-416 Report for FFY 2009 [PDF 499KB]