Prior 2009-2012 Medicaid Manged Care Contract Versions

September 1, 2009 Health Plan Contract Version

The draft September 1, 2009 Health Plan Contract for the Medicaid Reform and non-Reform HMOs, Capitated PSNs and FFS PSNs is located below.  This draft health plan contract streamlined the HMO and PSN Reform and Non-Reform contracts into one comprehensive Medicaid health plan contract with plan-type and population specific exhibits. This consolidated contract replaced the Attachment I and II documents for both the HMO and PSN Reform and non-Reform health plan contracts.

Attachment I Scope of Services Capitated Health Plans (track changes) [495KB, PDF]
Attachment I Scope of Services Fee-For-Service Provider Service Networks (track changes) [284KB, PDF]
Attachment II – Core Contract Provisions (track changes) [1.37MB, PDF]
Attachment II - Exhibits (track changes) [837KB, PDF]

Health Plan Report Guide

Health plan reporting specifications for all contract-required reports are provided in the 2009 – 2012 Report Guide.  The 2009 – 2012 Report Guide and report templates are located below. Also provided is a track-changes or red-lined version that identifies the changes between this final document and the previous draft version posted.

2009-2012 Report Guide

Report Guide (track changes) [2.03MB, PDF]

Contract Required Forms, Templates and Instructions