Florida Nursing Home: Fair Rental Value Survey

The Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) is working to gather data related to Fair Rental Value (FRV).  This data will be used by the Agency in the Nursing Home Prospective Payment System model.
To develop a baseline for a fair rental value, we must collect data on capital expenses from each facility, going back to the date the facility was first constructed.

Completion of this survey is extremely important because the data you provide will be used in the prospective payment rate calculation.  Beginning October 1, 2018, this data will be used in Medicaid rate setting for your facility.

Please note that the data you provide may be subject to Agency desk review.

Due Date – April 30th for the subsequent rate semester.
This data is needed no later than April 30, 2018 for the October 1, 2018 rate setting.

For providers who have already submitted survey results, please follow the instructions for approving a prior submission.  For providers who have not yet submitted survey results or would like to correct a previous submission, please follow the data collection process. 

Approving a Prior Submission:
Please click here to review the results the Agency currently has on file for your facility.  If no changes are necessary, please approve your submission.

Data Collection Process for new submissions, corrections, or updates:
There are two options for submitting the requested data. In Option 1, providers submit the data online, and in Option 2, providers complete an Excel File Template. These options are described below.

Option 1 – Online Data Submission
The Online Option allows data to be entered for one facility at a time.

Option 2 – Excel File Data Submission
The Excel File Option allows for data to be entered for more than one facility at a time on one spreadsheet. This option may be preferred by multi-facility owners reporting for several facilities. Providers choosing Option 2 will use the PDF copy of the online data collection form as a worksheet for organizing/gathering data, which they will enter into the Excel File Template.

Follow-up: Staff will review responses as they are received via both options. We will follow-up with providers whose data appears to be incomplete, inconsistent or unclear, using the contact information you provide.

Helpful Resources for Locating Data on Your Facility:


Please contact Nursing Homes Reimbursement at AHCA at NH.Reimbursement@AHCA.MyFlorida.com , or by phone, (850) 412-4104.